Thursday, July 1, 2010

Want to make a quick $20? Let me show you how.

I LOVE teaching people how to save money and MAKE money! Here is a way to make a quick $20! You are being paid by ME – so you don’t have to worry about being scammed by a company.


1.) Click HERE to go to the Kelly Rewards Site


2.) Pick any gift – it doesn’t matter at this point. If you decide later to get referrals you can change this at anytime. Then enter your e-mail address in the box. You will want to make sure it shows being referred by Number 155.

Make sure you enter valid information in the form.

3.) Next you will want to set you privacy settings.

Go to Tools
Then Internet Options
Click Privacy Button
Turn Off Pop-Up Blocker

Next go to the Security Tab
Make sure your computer is set to accept cookies. I turn mine all the way down when I am completing these sites.


Next go to the general tab and clear your cookies.
Click on Delete and then choose “Cookies”


3.) After you are signed up and take care of your security issues, click on the offers tab. See Below.


You will need to complete 1 credit worth of offers. Here are a few that I recommend. These offers are free:

Go Identity Protect - .5 Credit – FREE
ID Complete - .5 Credit – FREE
Identity Lookout - .5 Credit – FREE

I can give you more suggestions as well.

4.) After you have completed your offers, go back to the home page. You should see the offers that you completed and it will say congratulations!

5.) Let me know when you have finished and I will send funds via paypal. Please note – I will not send funds until your offers have reported.  Now you can either get your own referrals to make more money or simply walk away with your $20!

I have many different sites if you want to continue to do more. Just let me know!


Steve said...

Very nice post Melanie! :)

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