Sunday, July 18, 2010

$3,500 Made This Week from Trial Offers – Total Made over $25,000!!!

Another GREAT week from my readers who have taken my on-line offer Webinar. 4 Readers made $3,500 this week from on-line offers.

2 - $1,000 Wal-Mart Checks
3 - $500 Visa Gift Cards

This brings our grand total to over $25,000!!! I have tons of offers available right now. All of the offers this week will be done through one on one coaching. I will have 3 open sessions this week where you can call in and ask questions if you are signed up for the coaching. I also offer phone support during the day.  Here are the offers that I have available.

I personally recommend the $500 IKEA offer. This offer is super easy and comes with a $250 Visa Gift Card Bonus.  Even if you have taken my classes in the past, your out of pocket expense should not be more than $20.

You can now sign up directly from this site. See Below.


Net Radiance
$500 AMEX Gift Card
$1000 Check
Reward Aisle
$500 Apple Card
Cool Premiums
$500 Home Depot
$1500 Costco
$500 Visa
Iphone Plus Itunes
Premium Gifts Galore
$500 Visa
$500 WalMart
$500 IKEA PLUS $250 Visa Gift Card
Consumer Gain
$500 IKEA
$500 Best Buy


Anonymous said...

I really would like to take one of these classes, but we are a "cash only" family. Could I use a pre-paid VISA to complete the offers?

Melanie said...

Yes, you can use a pre-paid Visa to complete the offers. Just keep in mind that the pre-paid visa's don't work on all of the sites. You may have to pay a little more out of pocket but it can definitley be done.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to schedule more classes for next week? Would I be able to complete the offers with only the one on one if I haven't completed an offer before? I would like to start with the $1000 check one. Can you complete all of those different offers since they are all different companies? Is it one offer per company per year?

Melanie said...

I will probably have one class next week. Most of the offers will be done through one on one coaching. You could definitely complete the $1000 offer through coaching.

Anonymous said...

How many of the offers can you complete? Is there a limit on how many you do? I was wondering about it. If you would be able to do more than one of the same offer.Like doing 2 of the same offers.

Melanie said...

You can complete one offer per subcompany per year. So you could complete the $1000 check offer and the IKEA offer and so on.

Anonymous said...

Do you offer any soft of discount if I wanted to sign up for multiple of these?

Anonymous said...


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