Friday, July 9, 2010

TRAINN Information Session Tonight at 9:15pm

I know many of you are still skeptical about the TRAINN offers that I have been writing about. BUT THEY WORK PEOPLE!!! TRAINN is the company that gives you free electronics/cash in return for completing offers and getting referrals. I have set up a forum for getting referrals and it is working wonderfully! We have had people qualify to get IPADS, IPODS,  Gift Cards, Digital Cameras and more! It is super easy and you only have to complete one offer.  I wanted to invite you to check out the forum and check it out for yourself.

I will be holding an 30 minute information session tonight at 9:15pm. Please let me know if you are interested in going the webinar tonight by sending an email to

I will also be posting the directions tonight around 7pm.


Teresa P said...

I am becoming skeptical about this offer, as I completed my offer in April and still have not received any of my referrals as stated. I have also sent numerous emails with no responses at all. I would like to believe these offers are true, but I didn't get my referrals as promised and I did all that I can on my end, and completed an offer for someone else!

Melanie said...

Hi Teresa, I apologize. I didn't receive your emails. It may have went into my spam box. I get tons of emails every day so sometimes I miss them. We are working to get these lines moving again. There are quite a few people before you in line. These offers do work - quite a few people have received their items. All you can do now is sit back and wait. Are you out a lot of money from your offer?

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