Friday, July 30, 2010

$500 IKEA w/ $250 VIsa card is BACK!!! Sign Up NOW!

ITS BACK!!! The $500 IKEA offer is back. If you would like to take advantage of this offer I highly recommend you sign up now. It will disappear again soon.

For those of you that want to do a super easy offer this is it! This offer is for a $500 IKEA gift card with a $250 bonus Visa Gift Card!  Your total out of pocket should not exceed $35.00 and that includes the $25 one on one coaching fee!

For those of you that don’t want an IKEA card, just remember that you can trade in the card on Plastic Jungle for $400 cash. You could also sell the Gift Card on E-Bay!

EVERYONE can complete this offer. It doesn’t matter how many offers you have completed in the past. There are plenty of new inexpensive offers available.

If you think you want to complete this offer make sure to complete it now. This company only allows a certain amount of people to sign up and then it will become a referral site.

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Kelly C said...

I can't get the site to respond.....does that means it's full???

Melanie said...

Hi Kelly,

Do you mean the site to pay for the coaching?

KellyC said...

Ohhhhhh yeah.....just signed up! Now what??

Dori S. said...

Okay I signed up, what now???? I notice something that said the event may be Sunday sept 5th--if that's the case I will not be in town for the event and will need to get my money back because I will not be able to participate. Wish it would have indicated the date prior to me signing up & purchasing tickets. How can I get my money back??????

LH said...

I am interested, but how many/what offers do you have to complete? What does Dori mean regarding a Sept 5 event?

Melanie said...

Hi LH - You will need to complete 8 offers. They are pretty basic offers. Only one will have to be shipped back. There isn't a Sept 5th event. I am not sure where that date came from. All of the work is done via email and phone at your own time and pace.

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in signing up for this. I could sign up now, and my plan would be to complete the offers this evening.

However, I'm curious what would happen if I signed up now.. and then when I go to complete the offer tonight, if it has changed to a referral site?

Melanie said...

Hi Anon - You can sign up now to complete later. If for some reason you can't sign up or it turns to a referral site, I will just issue a refund.

Anonymous said...

I signed up; but this is my first time. I am really confused. It says nothing about the gift cards and it is talking about goung to some type of event. Can someone explain?

Anonymous said...

How do you know if it turns into a referral site?

Melanie said...

It will say in the terms and conditions.

Anonymous said...

Melanie, the terms now say a 1 household referral - is this true?

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