Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kroger Shopping Trip Picture – Total Out of Pocket $13.00


I decided to venture out to the Perrysburg Kroger tonight despite the storms and boy am I glad I did. I even took my 3 little girls – yes I know I am crazy! I ended up spending around $13.00 for everything listed above!

Part of my savings was from a prescription that I transferred from Meijer. I needed to get my script refilled today so decided to bring the bottle along with me. Kroger has a promotion going on where you get $25 if you transfer a prescription. The $25 was loaded directly to my Kroger card.

Here is what I purchased:

4 Bags of Tyson Chicken Nuggets
3 Gallons of Milk
1 Tombstone Pizza
8 Bags of Kraft Shredded Cheese
2 Capri Suns
8 Gatorade G2 Drinks
2 Turkey Hill Ice Tea’s
2 Boxes of Pop Tarts
1 Simply Butter
8 Bags of Quaker Rice Cakes
1 Case of Aquafina
4 Danoino Yogurts
1 Bumble Bee Tuna Fish
2 Boulder Canyon Chips
2 Philadelphia Cream Cheese
2 – 2 Liter Pepsi
1 12 Pack of Root Beer
1 12 Pack of Diet Pepsi

The best deal was the Kraft Cheese. The Kraft Cheese is part of the Mega Deal. The price is $1.98 if you purchase 10.  There are blinkies in the chip aisle for $1.00/2 Kraft Cheese. There is a catalina promotion where you get $5 OYNO when you purchase 5 Kraft products.  The blinkies are doubling as well. Here is my scenario:

1st Transaction:
4 Bags Kraft Shredded Cheese - $1.98 Each
1 Philadelphia Cream Cheese - $1.00 Each
5 Gatorade G2 - $0.50 Each
Used 2 of the Blinkies - ($4.00)
Use $1.00/1 Philadelphia Cream Cheese - ($1.00)
Pay Out of Pocket: $6.42
Get Back: $5 OYNO

Then I purchased the remainder of my items. I used the $5 that I received for the first transaction to pay for the second. Then another $5 OYNO printed out!!


Anonymous said...

Did you use coupons for some of the other items?

Courtney said...

What does OYNO mean?

Anonymous said...

on your next order

Stacy said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Tyson Q's on eBay. I bought some as well. Great deal!!!
I also used the $1/1 Miracle Whip q's from Facebook for free Miracle Whip. :)

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