Thursday, July 29, 2010

New On-Line Offer - $50 Target Gift Card – Out of Pocket only $6.26!


Here is a super easy on-line offer for those of you that are hesitant to get started. This is a one offer reward. We will be completing which is a FREE 4 week trial. The cost of the coaching is only $6.26. Everyone can complete this offer. There are no restrictions on this offer. Sign up Below!


Anonymous said...

At what time is the coaching ?? - PS

Kent and Leisy said...

same question- when is the coaching?

Melanie said...

Hey guys. The coaching is done via email and phone when you need it. There is no set time. I send files and directions.

Jill said...

Do you know how long it takes to get this one?

Melanie said...

Hi Jill, I tell everyone 8 weeks. If it comes sooner its just an added bonus

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