Thursday, April 15, 2010

Want an IPAD?? Well I can help you get one for less than $10.00

Okay ladies and gentlemen. I am soo excited to share with you an exciting new opportunity! As you all know, I LOVE on-line offers! This is probably the easiest offer I have told you about to date.  This is not a scam nor is it a get rich quick strategy. But If you complete the offer you WILL get either an IPAD or cash. 

This particular company has been in business since 2005 and has a great reputation in the freebie world. Transcendent Innovations (TRAINN) is a “freebie” site that makes it money from affiliates (FreeCreditReport.Com for example) for lead generation. The requirements are simple.

1.) Complete an offer – there are tons of free/inexpensive offers to complete. Here are a few examples: FreeCreditReport.Com, Book of the Month Club, EMusic, GameFly etc…
The only catch here is that you will need to call and cancel the offer that you signed up for.

2.) Refer 12 people that will complete the offer. Well, this is the part that makes people run as fast as they can. The average person usually can’t get 12 people to sign up for something like this. I am in a unique position – I am able to reach large audiences through Saving Money in Toledo. I did a little research and found that starting a referral “line” would be the easiest way for my readers to get referrals. It basically works like this. The first person is the line “leader”. The next 12 people sign up under the leader’s referral link. Once the leader has completed all of their referrals, the person below them moves up to the leader position. This continues and continues as long as there is an interest in the offer.

There really isn’t much to the deal and you won’t be out any money as long as you complete a free offer. I will oversee the entire list to ensure that it is moving correctly. I am adding people to the list on a first come first serve basis. If you would like to participate, send an e-mail to me ( . I have a public forum set up to view the list and interact with other readers that are participating.



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