Friday, April 16, 2010

Kroger – Tripling Coupons Again – April 16-18th

Wow, Kroger is at it again. They will be tripling coupons this weekend! Stay tuned for some match-ups!

I have heard some conflicting stories so I will need to investigate further.


Stacy said...

Would this be all krogers?

Anonymous said...

I was just at the perrysburg kroger and they are not tripleing coupons.

Anonymous said...

S.Detroit Kroger in Toledo is not tripling.

Anonymous said...

Oregon is not tripling.

Anonymous said...

Not sure where you got your information, but Perrysburg is NOT tripling.....very disappointed and upset to look at my receipt afterward to find out your information was false! Too many items were purchased for this reason......there goes my grocery budget! :(

Melanie Kyle said...

Not sure if you looked at my post - but I told everyone yesterday that I wasn't sure all Krogers were tripling. I am human - I make mistakes all the time. You should always ask your store before you start shopping.

Anonymous said...

Ism kroger's in perrysburg still doubling up to 1.00

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