Friday, April 23, 2010

Restaurant.Com – 80% off – Get a $25 Gift Certificate for $2.00

$25 Restaurant Gift Certificates for only $10! is 80% now. You can get a $25 gift certificate for $2.00! Just use code MEAL at checkout to get the discount. Toledo has tons of great restaurants available!

My husband and I went to Treo in downtown Sylvania last weekend. It was wonderful!! Make sure to check it out when you get a chance.


Melissa said...

My boyfriend has a hard time believing that these gift certificates actually work being that they are so cheap to buy! So....if someone has bought some and used them...could you please leave a comment to let us know about your experience...thank you :-)

Melanie said...

Hey there, here is how they work. You purchase a $25 gift certificate for $2.00. There is usually a minimum amount that you have to spend. Like Treo is $35. Plus usually gratuity is added on. Just read the terms before you purchase. It usually comes to about 50% off what you would have spent.

Anonymous said...

This certificate Rocks. I spent just $16 yesterday at Indian Resturant I love. The total Order came out to be $41. This is excellent saving and plus I got to eat my fav dishes.

Anonymous said...

We use them all the time...even buy them for places we travel MIL lives 3 hours away...we go once a month...hubby and I get a date night (at a very reasonable price) and grandma gets some one on one time with her grandbaby. As long as you follow the rules..this deal works! - Donna

Anonymous said...

Ive only had 1 problem using these so far and that was for The Blarney. I called and they refunded my money. They are pretty fair.

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