Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Trial Offers Week in Review - $4,000 Earned

Wohoo!!! Another great week for local Toledoans. This week you have earned over $4,000 making our total over $7,500 earned through my trial offer classes.

I have added several new Webinars. Click HERE to check out all of the classes! Currently, the only online offer class I am offering is for a $1000 check.

$1000 Cash - Trial Offer class
Jul 01, 2010 
$1000 Cash - Trial Offer class
Jun 28, 2010 
$1000 Cash - Trial Offer class
Jun 24, 2010


The cost of the webinar is $25.00.  The cost of the trial offers for this class will range anywhere from $30 to $50. If this is the first class that you have taken with me, then your cost would be around $30.00. If you have taken a class with me, please send me an email and I can give you a better estimate on what you cost would be.

I know many of you are asking “what is a trial offer?” Well, you know those e-mails that you see all the time for a FREE ipod or FREE Gift Card? Those are called trial offers. They are legitimate and if you do them correctly, you can walk away with a pretty nice size gift card. I paid for my entire Christmas last year using these type of gift cards. I would love to be able to show my readers how to do the same.

So I know your next question. Why a virtual workshop? Well, I found some pretty cool software that will allow me to work with you in small groups. You will be able to follow along with me as I complete the offers with you. You will be able to see me as well as my computer screen. We will be talking via telephone as we go through the class. I think it is very important that you see exactly what I am doing. I will also be able to help each of you when you get stuck on a particular item.  Here is what you will receive if you take this workshop.

1.) I will have a custom spreadsheet to track your progress

2.) I will create a google calendar and set up your alerts

3.) I will follow up with you to ensure you are following through

Classes are limited to 10 people!


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