Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hosting a party on a budget – 30 people for $30!


I recently challenged myself to host a birthday party for $30 dollars! I should also mention that I had 30 people at this party. Let me tell you that it was not easy. I had to be creative and rely heavily on my stockpile. Here was my menu:

Hot Dogs
Fruit Kabobs
Strawberry Fruit Dip
Pasta Salad
Cucumber Salad
Deviled Eggs
Summer Black Bean Corn Dip
Tomato Blue Cheese Crackers
Lemonade/Bottled Water


I had many compliments on the spread. There were quite a few options and many healthy alternatives. Here is the breakdown of what I spent:

4 Betty Crocker Icings FREE
4 Betty Crocker Cake Mix FREE
2 Pineapples $1.50
2 Boxes of Ronzoni pasta FREE
2 Boxes of Cherry Tomatoes $2.00
2 Lemons $0.50
1 Large Red Onion $1.00
4 Cucumbers $1.00
2 Dozen Eggs $1.60
2 Tomatoes $0.50
1 Caesar Dressing FREE
1 Italian Dressing FREE
3 Red Peppers $1.50
Country Time Lemondae $1.00
5 Ball Park HotDogs FREE
Aunt Millies Buns FREE
Baked Beans $1.00
Blueberries $1.00
2 boxes Blackberries $2.00
Strawberries $2.00
Blue Cheese $2.00
Nabisco Flat Bread Crackers FREE
2 Bags Garden of Eaten Chips FREE
Grapes $2.00
Marshmellow Cream $3.00
Stawberry Cream Cheese $2.00
Cider Vinegar $1.00
Chinet Plates FREE
Solo Cups FREE
Nestle Bottled Water $1.00
Cupcake Liners $1.50
Jalepenos $1.00
Total 30.10


The key to my success was my stockpile. I planned my menu around what I had in my pantry. I buy things like plates, cups and napkins in bulk when I can get them for free. I bought all of my fruit and veggies from Ciolino’s in Temperance. They have the CHEAPEST fruit and veggies. Just remember to think ahead. If you know you are having a party in a few months, start picking up items now. I hope this gives you some motivation to have some great summer parties!!


Lesley Gillen said...

That is truly amazing, Melanie!

Cindy Hughes said...

That is fantastic! Your spread looks incredible. I'm feeling challenged. We have a Life Group that meets every Sunday evening and I provide the main dish - there are 18 of us with more than half being kids. Now I think I need to drive to Temperance.

Sarah said...

Are you going to be having a coupon class soon? I know you are busy with trial offers, but i am definitely not doing somethign right when it comes to couponing.

Tammy said...

I'd love to see how and where you got those items for that price.

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