Monday, May 3, 2010

How would you like to pay $12.00 for 9,000 Bottles of Windex?


I am asked all the time about the best deals on household cleaners. I am always picking up cheap cleaning supplies with coupons but am always looking for other inexpensive options. I was introduced to Shaklee several years ago. At the time, I wasn’t big into couponing so I was looking for inexpensive,  environmentally safe cleaning products. 

The first item I purchased was the Shaklee Basic H Cleaning solution. One bottle of concentrate makes 9,000 bottles of Windex!!! Yes, I am not joking. I am still using the same bottle I purchased several years ago. The best part is the price. One bottle is only $12.15!! Hello, that comes to pennies for a bottle of cleaning solution. I also find that the BasicH works wonderfully on day to day use. I know that it is safe for my children and the environment1

Make sure to check out the Shaklee site and take a look!


Anonymous said...

I won a bottle of the concentrate in a blog giveaway. It is AWESOME!! It cleans wonderfully and I love that it is environmentally friendly.

Anonymous said...

I currently sell each and every Shaklee product and I absolutely love every product! The cleaners are great because of the money saving value! If you would like to place an order with me give me a call: 1-800-776-3907

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