Monday, March 1, 2010

Sorry Game - $1.00 after Price Match

Looks like the coupon is gone

Check it out. Big Lots is advertising the game Sorry for $5.00. Take the Big Lots ad to Target or Wal-Mart to score the game for $1.00!

Use the $4.00/1 Sorry Game Printable


Thanks Money Saving Madness!


Anonymous said...

There wasn't any for that game. Maybe they're all printed???

Anonymous said...

yeah i also didn't see a coupon for any game!!

Anonymous said...

Wal Mart does not TAKE COMPUTER coupons. tried it this morning at the Glendale Store.

supersaversarah said...

Actually, Wal-Mart may tell you they don't take them, but their corporate policy states otherwise:

I always carry all the store policies in my binder just in case. They do refuse internet coupons that won't scan.

Melanie Kyle said...

The coupon seems to be gone from the Hasbro site. Glad I printed yesterday. You never know when these coupons are going to disappear.

The Wal-Mart on Glendale does not take internet coupons for whatever reason. The other Wal-Marts do take them but they are very picky!

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