Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kroger in Perrysburg - Updated

I spoke with the manager again this morning. The ad does state that they will only accept 1 like coupon but they are still honoring 4 like coupons. Management has informed all cashiers to accept 4 coupons. If you still have trouble, please ask to speak to a manager. The managers at this Kroger are extremely helpful and will work to resolve the problem.

Next weeks ad will also state the 1coupon limit but please ignore! They missed the print deadline to change the wording so it will not be updated until the following week.

Okay, it seems that there are some issues with the number of like coupons that are being allowed at the Kroger in Perrysburg. One reader sent me an e-mail tonight saying the cashier would only let her use one like coupon!! I immediately called the store and they told me that they were still accepting four like coupons per visit. If you go to the Kroger in Perrysburg and have issues, please ask to speak to the store manager.

Let me know if you still have problems.


petergabrielfan said...

I've had a few issues there is the past. I don't find that store to be too friendly in general, let alone coupon friendly. There is one male cashier there at night who is particularly rude.

Perrysburgangel said...

Your reader was right. They said they have a restriction of 1 coupon per item for the next 2 weeks and then it changes back. OFF TO MEIJER WE SHALL GO!

Sarah said...

Speaking of Meijer - I had a TERRIBLE experience with my coupons there 2 weeks ago. I got a cashier on a power trip telling me she shouldn't be taking my printed coupons and tried to give me back actual clipped coupons! she read one coupon and said "did you even buy these???" Make sure you check your receipt! when i went through my receipt when i got home she didn't double 6 fifty cent coupons and there were 4 coupons she didnt scan at all. I called the store director and he apologized and took care of it. I had to go back in for a credit of $22 she over charged me!!!

Anonymous said...

The Perrysburg Kroger's cashiers are very rude. I have one particular that will lay all my coupons out and match them w/the item to make sure I bought everything and had only one like coupon from the internet. However, I have not seen her do that to the person in front of me, and I saw them give her their coupons. She must pick and choose who she likes, it must be who saves alot of money. She will ask for my coupons upfront also. They also stopped doubling their $1.00 coupons. They are very picky about their coupons, not just that cashier, all of them. I used to shop there because of the doubling of the dollar coupons, but not anymore would I want to shop with those rude people. Kathy, the am cashier, was exceptionally nice though!

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