Thursday, February 18, 2010

Meijer Shopping Trip


I thought I would start posting my weekly shopping trips to show you the true power of maximizing your coupons. My total at Meijer today was $38.92 for everything that you see here.

10 Boxes of Betty Crocker Potatoes
4 Boxes of Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
1 Case of Diet Dr. Pepper
1 Old El Paso Taco Dinner Kit
1.5lb Ground beef
2lbs of Land O’Frost Lunchmeat
1 Load Aunt Milly Bread
1 Box Eggo Pancakes
4 Beechnut Let’s Grow toddler meals
1 Beechnut Let’s Grow Banana Cookies
2 Boxes of Kool Aid Jammers
2 Boxes of Fruit Loops
2 Boxes of Frosted Mini Wheats
2 Gallons Milk (Only one showing)
1 Bag of Snyders Pretzels
1 Head Lettuce
Bananas and tomato
10 jars stage 3 baby food
2 loafs of Cole’s Garlic Bread
4 Bags of Chex Mix


SL said...

Nice! Check your receipt on the Cole's. I was charged full price last night. I also bought the same 4 boxes of cereal and had to go back bc the FMW weren't on the catalina deal. They just gave me the $3. This type of post is great!

Melanie said...

Thanks for the heads up. I was charged full price for the cole's as well. I did get the Kelloggs catalina today. Wonder how i got it??

michele said...

Which Chex mix did you get? I was charged full price to Choc. turtle and cherrios mix , but $1.00 for the sour cream and onion. This is a lot of work in my opinion, plus most of the stuff on sale w/ coupons is very un- healthy, full of corn syrup and additives. Stuff I would not ever buy.

SL said...

Since we're talking about junk food, did you notice the Archway cookies are only .99 at Meijer this week? Free w/your $1/1 coupons.

Melanie Kyle said...

SL - NO I didn't even pay attention. GREAT find! I will make a post now.

Michele, I got the original chex mix. There were several different kinds of chex mix for $1.00. The chocolate was not one of those. Don't give up!! It does get easier. It can be very confusing at times. If you are concerned about the sugar content, you may want to focus more on the organic/healthy coupons that I post. Suprisingly, there are quite a few coupons for organic foods!! Let me know if you need anymore help.

michele said...

ok , sounds good and Thank-you for all your hard work!

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