Friday, February 19, 2010

New Toledo Restaurants on Restaurant.Com plus 70% off gift certificates









I LOVE that is adding new restaurants in our area. Here are the newest additions.

1.) Ambrosia – This is the pretty restaurant on Dussell! I have wanted to try out this restaurant so I was super excited to see them added. They even have $100 gift certificates available for $12.00!  You will have to spend a minimum of $200 but this is still a great deal if you want to take a large group of people out to eat. They have plenty of other denominations available for those of you that don’t want to spend that much.

2.) Prestige Restaurant on Hill Ave – Sounds like Mediterranean Food
3.) Pizza Amora in Monclova – I haven’t tried this restaurant either. Does anyone have any comments on this pizza? I would love to hear.
4.) Treo Restaurant in downtown Sylvania – Yeah!!!! I have heard great things about this restaurant. There are four different denomination gift certificates available for this restaurant. I will definitely be buying some of these.

Use code ENJOY at check-out to receive 70% off your price!!! Stock up now as I am sure that these new restaurants will sell out soon. Click here to purchase your gift certificates.


Anonymous said...

Pizza Roma is pretty good. We eat there a couple time a month.

I believe they are in the process of opening an additional location on Secor between Laskey and Alexis

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