Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wal-Mart – Enter at your own Risk!!

Okay, I had an hour tonight and decided to go check out Wal-Mart. BAD experience!!! I found the items I wanted to purchase and headed to the checkout lane. For those of you that don’t go to Wal-Mart, there is ALWAYS a long line to check-out.  Anyway, she rang me up and then I handed her the coupons. She proceeded to tell me that she couldn’t take internet coupons that didn’t have the “extra” barcode on the coupon.  I then asked her to find a manager and ask what the coupon policy was for that store. The manager couldn’t come and talk to me because she was checking people out due to the long lines. For the sanity of the people behind me, I told her just to take them off of my bill. As I was paying, I asked her the name of the General Manager at the store. She said that that particular store didn’t have a general manager!!!  What?!?! I probably should back up and tell you that she was very nice and just doing what she had been told to do. I couldn’t get mad at her but I was pretty hot!

I need to put a call into corporate Wal-Mart to get to the bottom of this. Readers on Facebook are reporting that the Glendale location doesn’t even accept internet coupons! By the way, most SmartSource printable coupons don’t have this extra “barcode”

I did find a few good deals despite this ordeal. I will be posting them tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks for letting me vent!! Please feel free to vent anytime you want on this site!


Sharon said...

Which Wal-Mart was this?

I usually go to the Perrysburg/Rossford location, and rarely do I have to wait in line. Grant it, most of the time it's during the day, but the lines are rarely an issue there.

I HAVE had a problem using a Smartsource coupon there, but the cashier called the manager, manager over-rode it, and it was accepted.

I do NOT like the Airport Hwy location Wal-Mart, nor the Bowling Green store. ALWAYS have lines to wait in there.

SL said...

Mom's internet coupon was refused at the Glendale Walmart too. After that happened I don't even bother going to the Pburg one anymore. I can live without them. Plenty of other stores to choose from out this way.

Anonymous said...

Lady at Giant Eagle accused me of copying a Smart Source coupon because the date box didn't have the polka dots behind it and all the other sites did. It seems SS coupons are causing alot of trouble everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I like the Bowling Green Walmart, I have always had the best customer service at this store, they go above and beyond in customer satisfaction. The Central Ave. location has been my worst customer service experience, like they were doing me a favor by being there. Never have tried to use the coupons so not sure about that...

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend tried to use a internet coupon at the Glendale Walmart last week and they said they do no accept them. We actually went to the Holland store yesterday, though, and they accepted that same internet coupon that they wouldn't take at Glendale. I used to work at Glendale, too, but they've become really shady. Oh well, hardly ever go there anymore.

Anonymous said...

If you have bad Wal-Mart experiences I would try the Rossford location. I haven't ever had any problems there and I visit frequently. Nearly every other Toledo area Walmart has offended me in some way. I'm not sure what the difference is, but there sure is a big difference!

another Toledo, Ohio Blogger.. said...

I have noticed that the Glendale store does not have the help and professionalism that the Oregon, OH, Navarre Avenue store does. The isles tend to be more messy as well. I recommend the Oregon, and when I had a problem with an internet coupon for a free Wrinkle Remover, the check out girl typed in the price and gave me the credit. She was smart enough to know that good customer service for a lousy 50 cents or (1.25 in my case) is much more important than losing a customer over a technicality. And a poor rating on THIS website sure could lose the Glendale store some business adding up to major bucks!

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