Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Giant Eagle – Lifted the Coupon Limit

Yeah!! Giant Eagle has lifted the four coupon limit!! You can now use as many coupons as you like per transaction. Just keep in mind that you may get stopped if you try to use 100 coupons per transaction. HaHa. Anyway, This is great news for those of us that like to participate in their Catalina deals. 


Quiet Oasis said...

I've never had a problem using like 10 coupons there at a time.... for various products though.

Anonymous said...

Someone said that once a month they were going to do double $1.00 coupons is that true.

Thats Dottie

Anonymous said...

That would be awesome if Giant Eagle would double coupons at least once a month!

For those of you from Michigan...I found two stores in Howell, MI that double $1.00 coupons: Kroger and VG's.
Their ad states that they double $1.00 coupons for the following locations: Fenton, North Fenton, Howell, Caro, Clio, Burton, Davison, Genesse, Owosso, West Flint.

Melanie said...

The Giant Eagle manager told me that they would be doing dollar double promotions occasionally. I haven't seen anything yet so I am not counting on it. Thanks for the heads up on the Michigan stores. I may be worth a drive up North if the sale is really good.

petergabrielfan said...

Someone I know lives in a different area where GE took away the $1 doubles a few years ago. Apparently they told their customers that they'd "occasionally" be doing $1 doubles and it has yet to happen. I'd say don't hold your breath. :(

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to Krogers triple's on Thurs! Up to $.50 but its something to look forward too :O)

Anonymous said...

GE has stopped the doubling in the past and then brought it back, so maybe they will bring it back again. I would think there sales would have to slip first, so try to shop other stores for a while.

Erin said...

I agree i doubt they will every do $1 doubles "on occasion". But I'm glad to hear they lifted the limit. I have been asking every week but they kept telling me no.

Melanie Kyle said...

I am not counting on Giant Eagle doing doubles anytime soon.

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