Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Free Rental(s) at BlockBuster Express



Get a free rental at BlockBuster Express with these codes!


KIOSK - free one night rental (exp 2/10/10)

GT9SA - free one night rental (exp 2/28/10)

W212A1 – Get a free rental (only valid on Wednesdays!)

POPCORN – Rent 1, get 1 free (exp 2/12/10)

GW12B2 - Rent one, get one free (exp 2/15/10) *New*

GW11B2 – Rent 1, get 1 free (exp 2/19/10)

Remember these codes are limited to 1 per credit card. Movies are due by 9 pm the following day to avoid having to pay an additional $1 to rent the movie another 24 hours.

I know there is a Blockbuster Express Kiosk inside Urban Active Fitness! To find out where all of the kiosks are located click here.


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